Peak Helicopter Service

is an Austrian company specializing in providing superior helicopter services throughout the Aegean Sea. Our name is our philosophy. We will not compromise on providing less than peak performance to our customers. We ensure the very best in safety, quality and professionalism.

Our Team:

The carefully selected team of aviation enthusiasts has an extensive background in the operation and maintenance of helicopters. Crew and pilots undergo frequent trainings and our helicpotres are maintaned to the highest standards as described by European Regulations. Most of our pilots do not only have many years of experience flying in Greece but also have proven their competence in the most demanding environments such as flight training, aerial work and humanitarian aid/rescue missions in conflict zones.

Our Base in Santorini

Our main base is strategically located on the island of Santorini. With our helicoper cruising at 120 knots (222km/h) we can reach most Aegean destinations comfortably within one hour of flight time.
With the map below you can see the location of our base as well as possible destinations. The rings represent the distance that can be reached via helicopter in 30, 60 and 90 minutes from Santorini.


Our fleet consists of Airbus Helicopters AS355 belonging to the A-Star / Squirrel family. It is the twin engine version of the famous and extremely reliable AS350 and is therefore also known as the Twin Star or Twin Squirrel. The AS355 provides extra safety as it has a redundancy in all crucial systems. The unobstructed cabin and in total 5 forward looking passenger seats provide excellent visibility and comfort and can be retrofitted with a stretcher and medical equipment for ambulance flights.


Engines: 2x Rolls Royce Allison 250 C20F 420shp each

Cruise Speed: 120kts / 222kmh

Max. Endurance: 3 hours 30 minutes

Max. Range: 380nm / 700km

Service Ceiling: 16000ft / 4875m

Empty Weight: 1500kg

Max. Take-off Weight: 2540kg

Seating capacity: 1 Pilot + 5 passengers